Attorney Alexandria "Ally" Crouthamel Is A
Solid Legal Ally

Your Legal Ally During A Divorce

You’re unlikely to win your divorce on your own as it is a complex, varied legal procedure with wide-ranging outcomes. However, you can choose representation strong enough and skilled enough to overcome the challenges ahead and fight for your goals.

At Crouthamel Law Offices, attorney Alexandria “Ally” Crouthamel takes on your divorce and family law problems so you can focus on your life. She understands the struggles before you and listens to your story. She wants to understand the issues that matter to you so she can build a plan that makes sense.

Guidance And Advocacy When A Marriage Ends

Divorce law is a complicated area of the law in Pennsylvania. The state has laws governing how assets are divided, if you can request or be asked to pay spousal support (alimony) or, if you have children, how custody and support will be handled. These laws govern how your post-divorce life will unfold, and you deserve to have an advocate that can provide you with the services you need.

Attorney Crouthamel offers trustworthy representation at every step of your divorce case, including answering your questions about:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Spousal/child support
  • Asset division
  • Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders if you and your children need protection during divorce proceedings
  • Post-decree modifications and enforcement

If you have been asked to sign a premarital agreement or “prenup,” she can review the document and provide frank, no-holds-barred advice on the pros and cons of this binding agreement for you – today and in the future.

Tough. Smart. Compassionate.

There is no question that your divorce or other family law issue will be difficult for you. However, when you have an attorney with a reputation for toughness and perseverance, you can feel assured by that service. You deserve the strength of a lawyer dedicated to you.

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