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Protecting The Rights Of Those Accused Of Drug Crimes

A conviction for any drug crime can lead to hefty penalties that impact your rights and your future. However, it is possible to defend yourself against these charges with the help of an experienced attorney.

As both a private attorney and a public defender, Alexandria “Ally” Crouthamel has fought for many people facing drug charges in east central Pennsylvania. At Crouthamel Law Offices, whether she’s providing insight into the potential penalties for a charge or building a personalized strategy to protect your rights, attorney Crouthamel will advocate for you as you fight for justice. She is also a seasoned trial lawyer who will aggressively defend you in and out of the courtroom.

Navigating Drug Charges In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law identifies two different types of drug charges: simple possession and possession with intent to distribute (PWID). Simple possession charges are generally less severe and could result in probation, jail time, fines and driver’s license suspensions. PWID charges come with more serious penalties, including the potential for more than a decade in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

The severity of a charge also depends on the type of controlled substance involved. More strictly controlled substances that fall into Schedule I, II or III will result in more serious penalties. Charges that involve Schedule IV or V drugs often involve less severe consequences.

Even a first-time drug charge can lead to serious repercussions. However, prior convictions on your criminal record can increase the challenges that you could face as a result of a conviction.

Are Police Allowed To Search Your Car Or Home?

Generally, the police either need your permission or a warrant granted by a judge to search your vehicle or your home. A warrant details both the area that the police can search and the specific objects or materials that they are there to find.

However, there are certain situations in which officers can search your property without a warrant or your consent. For example, if the police have probable cause to believe that you are committing a crime, they may use that to justify a search even without a warrant.

Unfortunately, officers may search your property even without probable cause. This is a violation of your rights, and it is important to challenge these actions in court to protect your rights.

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