Attorney Alexandria "Ally" Crouthamel Is A
Solid Legal Ally

How Crouthamel Law Offices Has Helped Clients

“Attorney Crouthamel was appointed as my public defender, for a criminal matter. She is truly amazing. She goes above and beyond. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, committed and she wholeheartedly cares about her clients paid or court appointed. She listens to you, and will do whatever she can to support you through whatever you’re going through. Once my criminal matter was resolved I then hired her as my private attorney for children and youth and custody. She will fight for you until the very end. She’s a go getter and doesn’t give up on anything. If it’s personal to you it’s personal for her. Attorney Crouthamel has given me my life back, more importantly she’s given me my family back. She never gave up, she never once doubted me she fought. I will continue to use her for any and all legal matters. She’s without a doubt the best attorney anyone could ask for.”

– A.S.

“I have had the honor of interning for Attorney Crouthamel, and I cannot express enough the admiration I have for her legal expertise and her unwavering commitment to each individual client. Ally’s personalized approach and attention to detail truly sets her apart. Beyond her legal prowess, Attorney Crouthamel has created a supportive atmosphere for her clients, and truly fights for what matters to them most. If you are looking for an exceptional lawyer, there is no better choice than Attorney Crouthamel!“

– M.B.

“I had the privilege of retaining Alexandria J. Crouthamel, Esq. as my attorney, and the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. From our initial consultation to the final verdict, Alexandria demonstrated an unparalleled level of commitment, expertise, and integrity. She has a remarkable ability to make complex legal matters easily understandable, providing not just advice but also peace of mind during a period filled with uncertainty.

One of the attributes that sets Alexandria apart is her tenacity. She is incredibly determined when it comes to advocating for her clients. Her preparatory work is exhaustive—every filing is scrupulously researched, each legal argument meticulously crafted. You can be confident that when Alexandria walks into a courtroom, she is armed with an arsenal of knowledge and a detailed strategy.

Her negotiation skills are another point worth mentioning. Whether she’s facing off against opposing counsel in a family law dispute or navigating the complexities of criminal defense, Alexandria is always five steps ahead. Her ability to predict potential challenges and proactively address them is truly commendable. She’s not just playing the game; she’s changing how the game is played.

Her accolades and awards are a testament to her professional excellence. From being recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers to being nominated for titles like ‘Super Lawyer’ and ‘Most Influential Woman,’ it’s clear that her peers and the community hold her in high regard. But more important to me was how she treated me as a client—always as a priority, never as a case number.

Beyond her legal prowess, what really touched me was Alexandria’s compassion and understanding. Legal battles can be emotionally draining, but her unwavering support provided a much-needed emotional cushion. It’s rare to find an attorney who offers not just legal counsel but also a shoulder to lean on.

I am pleased to say that with Alexandria’s representation, we achieved a favorable outcome in my case. Her commitment to justice is not just a career; it’s a calling. She is more than just an attorney; she is an advocate, a counselor, and a champion for her clients. I could not have asked for better legal representation, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone in east central Pennsylvania in need of a dedicated, highly skilled attorney.”

– S.J.

“Ally was on my team of divorce lawyers; she helped from initial filing, navigating the various things that needed to be resolved and all the way to changing the deed name on my house after I bought it. Highly recommend. She is professional, reliable, and empathetic in the most personal of matters!”

– K.M.