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Common defenses against criminal charges in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Getting charged with a criminal offense can be troubling and have potentially life-changing consequences. In such situations, mounting a robust defense is crucial.

When facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, several possible defenses may form part of your defense strategy. 

The defense of entrapment

Your defense team may present the argument that you were not predisposed to engage in criminal activity and that the actions of law enforcement amounted to entrapment. They may demonstrate that you were persuaded through undue pressure, fraud or deceit to commit the offense. To support this defense, your attorney may gather evidence such as recordings, emails or witness testimony to show the extent of the inducement and lack of predisposition on your part.


If you were charged with a crime involving physical harm or threat, such as assault or battery, your defense team may argue that you acted in self-defense to secure yourself or others from harm. To support this defense, your defense team may gather evidence such as witness testimony, medical records or photographs of injuries sustained during the incident. They may also demonstrate that your actions were proportionate to the threat posed and that you had a reasonable belief that force was necessary to defend yourself.

The defense of duress

This defense can be argued if you were compelled to commit the criminal act under the threat of immediate harm or injury to yourself or others. Your defense team may assert that you acted out of fear for your safety or that of loved ones and that you had no reasonable opportunity to escape the situation without committing the offense. To support the defense of duress, your defense team may present evidence such as threats made against you, communications indicating coercion or testimonies from witnesses who can corroborate the circumstances of the threat.

Legal guidance can be crucial in understanding the intricacies of the criminal justice system, better ensuring your rights are protected and building a robust defense strategy that effectively addresses your situation.