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3 reasons to fight a DUI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | DUI Defense

Each year, a lot of people just accept the DUI charge the police give them. They plead guilty and accept the consequences.

Reasons for doing so could include them thinking they have no chance of beating the charge or being put off by the fact that they would have to pay someone to defend them.

Pleading guilty might be the correct decision for you, but before you can know that, you need to understand the full extent of how a conviction could affect your life.

You will face penalties imposed by the court

A court might fine you, suspend your license, force you to install an ignition interlock, send you to prison or a combination of those. If you have already have one or more DUI convictions, the penalties will be higher this time around. Aggravating circumstances, such as you being far over the limit, or carrying children in your vehicle at the time, could again lead a court to issue sterner punishment.

If the court suspends your license, that could reduce your ability to get to work or run the family around. If your job involves driving, then you will likely lose that too – unless your employer can find a non-driving role for you.

You will pay more vehicle insurance 

The average insurance increase for those who pick up a DUI in Pennsylvania is 87%. It won’t just last for one year either. It will last for a few.

You will have a criminal record 

A criminal record can harm your chances of several things. For example, getting employment, voluntary posts or housing. So it’s worth avoiding one if you can.

Pleading guilty to a DUI might seem like the cheap and easy option initially, but it certainly isn’t. Learning more about your defense options can help you make a suitable choice.