Attorney Alexandria "Ally" Crouthamel Is A
Solid Legal Ally

Photo of Joy Grant



Joy is the Criminal Law Paralegal at Crouthamel Law Offices. Attorney Crouthamel has known Joy in a professional capacity since 2021 and jumped at the chance to add her to the Crouthamel Law Offices team in 2023. Joy has had a lifelong interest in the Criminal Justice System and has really found her niche in her role as Criminal Law Paralegal. Her favorite aspects of the job are reviewing criminal matters with Attorney Crouthamel and poring over discovery. Her attention to detail and opinions on cases are highly valued by Attorney Crouthamel, and the two enjoy speaking about cases and brainstorming strategies. Clients appreciate Joy for her kindness, clarity, and willingness to explain an often-confusing system. Joy believes everyone deserves quality representation and never judges people based on their charges, history, race, sex, age, or station in life.

Attorney Crouthamel encourages and supports growth and personal development. This incredible trait has pushed Joy to move forward with finishing her bachelor’s degree with the goal of continuing her education in the legal field upon graduation.

Joy enjoys supporting various local organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those with a focus on young people, like LVGRC. She has also been known to welcome foster dogs into her home, helping to find their perfect forever family. When she is not working, Joy loves to be outside gardening and observing nature. The most precious time she spends is that which is spent with her daughter, extended family members and friends, and her beloved dogs and cat.