Attorney Alexandria "Ally" Crouthamel Is A
Solid Legal Ally

Placeholder image of paralegal Judith K. Maloney



Judi is fairly new to our team! She comes to us with a diverse career background. She is formally educated in both health and law and has extensive work experiences in both the legal arena and health care world. She has primarily worked as a paralegal administrator in family law, criminal law, insurance defense, health care contractual practice, grants management and workers compensation. In more recent years she again expanded her skill sets and worked in Manhattan for a leader in in the fashion design industry. Judi particularly enjoys meeting and working directly with our clients to gather and analyze their case information and supportive documentation. Judi encompasses a vast knowledge of community based resources which she willingly shares with all. Judi is no stranger to the inner workings of a law office. Her father was a well respected lifelong attorney, her sister is an attorney and one of her two cherished sons is also an attorney. Her other son is a naval veteran and a successful engineer. When she is not working Judi enjoys spending time with her two sons and their families, traveling, cooking, music and reading.