Attorney Alexandria "Ally" Crouthamel Is A
Solid Legal Ally

Photo of Kaylee Garcia



Kaylee Garcia is from Lehighton, PA and is the Family Law Paralegal at Crouthamel Law Offices. Hand-picked by Attorney Crouthamel after a lengthy search, Kaylee has been the Attorney’s right-hand woman since the very beginning. Her loyalty and dedication to her role and the firm is truly exemplary. Kaylee specializes in all aspects of Family Law. She facilitates all client communications, including the many, many pages of required forms and documents that need completion and signatures. With over 250 clients at any given time, Kaylee has an innate ability to prioritize tasks and complete them with proficiency and exactitude. She single-handedly keeps every Family Law Case in order and moving through the court system, Crouthamel Law Offices would not be able to practice Family Law without Kaylee.

Kaylee has been inspired by her role at Crouthamel Law Offices and is now attending school for her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with plans to continue her education beyond an undergraduate degree. This is not an easy feat for a mom with children ranging from Elementary School to High School.

Kaylee enjoys spending her free time with family, friends, and her three dogs. She loves being a mom and takes great pride in all her children’s activities, events, celebrations, and milestones. All her life experience lends itself to the delicate nature of Family Law. Kaylee truly understands the importance of good parenting, as well as the unending desire people have to ensure that their children are well taken care of, happy, and safe. Because of this understanding and empathy, Kaylee handles every Family Law Case with care and compassion.